How To Approach Social Media Marketing During The Pandemic

A pandemic situation such as is prevailing today doesn't really benefit anyone. Social media platforms however have a different story to tell. With most of world's population being confined to stay at home, social media usage has skyrocketed over the past few months ever since the pandemic came into full swing. With heightened risks of being infected with COVID-19, people are not only being forced to stay at home by their respective governments with mandatory quarantine, lockdown and social distancing measures, but are also taking such precautions of their own accord. As a result of this people (even those who aren't usually active on social media) are beginning to hope online to keep them occupied and distracted from the grimness that the entire pandemic has brought on. One might think that only a handful (the most popular) of social media platforms (like perhaps Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) are witnessing this surge in users signing up and usage in general. That is not the case however, popular b2b platforms such as LinkedIn and Slideshare have also reported similar surges in users and new user sign-ups

With such a massive increase in usage, digital and social marketers in specific, are presented with a world of opportunities to capitalize on all this attention that they're likley to receive for their efforts, more than they usually do or would have under normal circumstances. Many marketers (even a lot of successful ones) have made the mistake of putting pause on all their social media marketing campaigns and digital marketing efforts. Those who have continued to push through the pandemic, despite having to work from home, in isolation, without the capacity to collaborate with an entire team, on a physical one-on-one level, have reaped tremendous rewards. How? Simply because a lot of their competitors have stopped putting up a fight and given their spots up for grabs without any competition at all.

If you are a business owner or marketer who wants to do something productive during this pandemic, then this article is just the thing for you, as you will get to know exactly how you can leverage the present state of social media platforms during this pandemic, to your advantage, irrespective of whether your business is functioning or been forced to come to a halt. The one thing that you will have to bear in mind to do so however, is that the way consumers are using social media platforms during this pandemic situation, although extensively and more than they normally would have been, is different.

Guage How Audiences Are Reacting

The key therefore to exploit this surge in social media usage would be to gain a concrete understanding of what consumers on social media are responding to more and then aligning your campaign strategies accordingly. People who used social media as a supplement to their social lives before the pandemic became widespread are using social media in a different way than they were before the start of the pandemic, purely because of the fact that their entire social life is now restricted to only the digital medium. One the major trends at the start of the pandemic involved social media users craving news on -
● COVID-19,
● vaccines,
● medications that seemed to be effective in treating COVID-19,
● announcements of lockdowns, shutting of schools, colleges and workplaces;
● the most effective preventive measures to be taken against COVID-19,
● condition of global & local economies, etc.

By the time April came around however user sentiments began slowly changing. People had had enough about the pandemic and were looking for less sombre things to keep them distracted. Entertainment, politics and other topics began trending during this period. In a time such as this, which no marketer could've possibly seen, marketing trends seem to change overnight. Conventional rules of marketing, across all landscapes - traditional and digital became irrelevant over night and every one from the smallest of startups and mom&shops to big corporations witnessed a slump in their marketing activities and engagement. However, in such tough times, brands that wish to see through the storm will have to brave through it - being steadfast in their marketing activities and patiently observing outcomes as well as optimizing their efforts.

While staying active is in itself a great thing, social media marketers will have to take the next step in determining how audiences are behaving and reacting online, during this pandemic. As imaginable, social media reach has increased dramatically across all fronts. Significant spikes in social media usage have been reported on all major platforms. While activity related to the purchasing of essential products, food items as well as online entertainment and streaming have increased understandably, eCommerce in general also seems to be flourishing as brick & mortar shops have been closing down owing to fear of the pandemic and social distancing norms.

Although social media activity is high, reasons such as the Facebook boycott have lowered ad spending across several industries and market sectors. This has opened the door for numerous businesses with limited budgets to take advantage of this great opportunity to get the work about their brands, products and services, out for cheaper, while also leveraging the massive audiences of major social networking plaforms.

Proactive Strategies To Adopt During The Pandemic

● Link Up With Influencers

Reaching out to popular influencers within your niche and collaborating with them on marketing campaigns is one of the finest strategies marketers can adopt duing this pandemic period. Getting them to want to collaborate with your brand will be the biggest hurdle however. Convincing them that a collaboration is in their best interest with the help of giveaways, clever incentives, etc, is the best way to go about forming partnerships. If you're a local business than collaborating with influences within your city is the best option and likewise brands that have a broader target audience should think about reaching to influencers who also have a wider reach. The best way to reach out to an influencer is to send them a product or offer them your service for free of charge, just so they can have a real experience about what they're going to be recommending to their own audiences. Arranging for giveaway contests not only results in your own brand generating social media attention towards its products/services, and thereby generating more leads to your website, but also in the influencer expanding his audience.

Influencer marketing works best when collaborating with influencers who have a minimum of ten thousand followers on whichever social media platform they are most active on. The higher the number of followers the more people word of your product is likely to reach out to. Engagement rates are another metric to keep an eye on. Why? Because they help you distinguish fake influencers (who have some managed to acquire thousands of 'bot' followers that don't exist) and real ones.

● Leverage The Growing Potential Of Podcasts

Podcasting is a format that has been growing in leaps and bounds over the past few years. Thousands of podcasts on diverse topics have emerged all around the globe, making many podcasters household names in short time. If there is a topic to talk about, you can bet that there is a podcast for those with similar interests. Podcasting has become so lucrative that popular talkshow hosts in the US are now shifting to the podcasting to draw more audiences and stay relevant.

What is the appeal of podcasts? Podcasting is a more 'real' form of online entertainment preferred by audiences worldwide it is less planned, informal and largely unscripted. Tapping into your regional podcasting market by collaborating with podcasters with a great following, whether it be on Youtube, Vimeo, or Spotify, iTunes (in the case of audio only podcasts), is one marketing strategy that is sure to pan out for the best.

Massive’s Social Media Team, Has You Covered

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Each of our ROI-driven offerings is designed to propel your brand to becoming the best in your specific niche, no matter how competitive it is. By identifying the strengths of your competition and carefully guaging every one of their weaknesses, our brand strategists and team of marketers set about implementing strategies to bring your brand to the very top. For more information on how we can come up with comprehensive long-term social media and digital marketing strategies customized to suit your specific products, niche services, target demographic, as well as overall brand goals and marketing objectives, get in touch with us anytime! We’d love to talk to you about all the amazing things we’ve managed to do for our diverse clientele so far and how we can help do the same for you. Reach out to us, this instant!

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